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We have exciting news to share! StartupJohor has merged with START Mongolia.

START is a new entity that vision of building a global acceleration hub and becoming the gateway to global expansion for startups. Further expand the ecosystem development footprint, combining resources to provide better market opportunities and helps entrepreneurs success.


26th – 30th June 2019 | IskandarSpace, Afiniti Medini

The Largest Startup Festival In Johor is back again in Iskandar Puteri ! This year bigger & better! IPSMART is a platform for experiential learning and a way to bring all walks of the startup world together who share a common goal — To inspire, educate & growth the innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystem in the southern region of Malaysia

Johor Startup Ecosystem Report 2018/19

A comprehensive study that includes all you need to know about the technology startup ecosystem in the southern region of Malaysia for 2018 and the industry outlook for 2019.
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Released on : 15th January 2019



StartupJohor is a fast growing, hyper-local social enterprise dedicated to building the startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem in the southern region of Malaysia. Since its inception in 2014, StartupJohor has been working with various industry stakeholders in and around Johor’s urban areas. 

Our vision lies in promoting world-class Johorean entrepreneurs & companies and showcasing the capabilities of the business ecosystem in the southern region of Malaysia to the world, through high-quality business & networking programs across South East Asia.

Our activities include educating & developing talented local entrepreneurs, supporting & accelerating high-potential startup companies, and building & promoting the local startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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比YC还要更早期的“创业者学院” Founder Institute,今年8月在新山开办第二学期课程

如果你是一个有理想,有抱负,想创业的人,但是除了idea和一些资源以外,对创业的知识和必经过程并不了解,甚至认为它很困难,那么这个时候或许学院式的创业课程能起些作用。由Adeo Ressi创办的Founder Institute就想做非常早期的创业者学院,让他们可以边获的来自资深创业者的指导与培训,边学习创业知识,边打造自己的产品。2018年,创办了已10年的“创业者学院” Founder Institute 正式踏入南马区新山,授权StartuJohor...

错过后悔! 2019最有诚意的创业嘉年华会 | IPSMART “CREATE” 2019

2019年过了一半,你在年初时写下的新年愿景实现了几项?那个在脑海中徘徊了很久的梦想,是否已经开始实践了? 如果你是个时刻想着充实自己、提升能力的行动派, 请你继续往下看! 如果你有一个创业想法和抱负,可是不知道怎么实现的新创业者,也请你继续往下看! 如果你正在一家创业公司上班,想要进一步了解互联网的概念与知识,请你一定要往下看! 如果你正经营一家中小型企业,彷徨看着互联网时代对你事业带来的冲击,那你必须往下看! 筹备了将近三个月, 柔佛州最盛大的创业嘉年华会 IPSMART “CREATE” 2019 再次回归。...

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