StartupJohor is a fast growing, hyper-local social enterprise dedicated to building the startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem in the southern region of Malaysia. Since its inception in 2014, StartupJohor has been working with various industry stakeholders in and around Johor’s urban areas. 

Our vision lies in promoting world-class Johorean entrepreneurs & companies and showcasing the capabilities of the business ecosystem in the southern region of Malaysia to the world, through high-quality business & networking programs across South East Asia.

Our activities include educating & developing talented local entrepreneurs, supporting & accelerating high-potential startup companies, and building & promoting the local startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Our Signature Programs


Startup Weekend is an opportunity for startup industry players to familiarise themselves with the stages of business. Across 54 consecutive hours, experiential education is offered to technical and non-technical entrepreneurs within an environment which promotes collaboration and innovation. Each session is facilitated by trusted players in the startup industry.


Participants will need to work together and combine their strengths in order to make their business as equipped as possible for the real world. Professional mentors will be present to provide advice and help throughout the frantic and exciting 54 hours. By the end of the session, participants will present a business-to-business report to investors, professional advisors and their peers.


Startup Weekend is an internationally-recognized program organized frequently in more than 800 cities of 130 countries. It premiered in Johor in 2014 and has been organised locally six times to date.


BarCamp is an open-platform conference which welcomes people from all walks of life to share ideas, skills and anything which can contribute to the local startup and entrepreneurial scene. It posits that a conference does not necessarily need to be formal while encouraging participants to keep silent except when asking questions. BarCamp’s casual setting conjures comfort and an open environment which enables audiences and speakers to exchange their knowledge and experiences freely with one another.


Unlike typical conferences, Barcamp has no preset of speakers. It is user-generated conference which brings people together to share their passion. Participants can choose to be an audience member or speaker, vote on who gets to speak, and attend talks of their choice. This also means that each speaker is decided by the audience members of a particular day!


An invite-only, highly-curated networking session for startup founders, C-level executives and specific officials, Founders Drinks links the local startup scene by pushing industry stakeholders to interact and communicate business challenges and opportunities. The central objective of this meetup is to “engineer serendipity” among extraordinary entrepreneurs and business professionals with resources to accelerate business growth.


Founders Drink is a monthly meetup event  which take place every last Friday of the month. It was designed to help startup founders find business opportunities, expand their network within the startup community, and inspire themselves to recharge.


StartupGrind is regularly hosted in 151 cities across 66 countries including America, China, Japan and Korea with support from the Google for Entrepreneurs fund. Its program coaxes entrepreneurs to motivate, encourage and learn from one another. The best entrepreneurs in the region frequently share their experiences with younger industry participants during the event.


During StartupGrind, industry players gather to network with one another and scope out possibilities of working with one another, while top entrepreneurs provide insight into successful business practices. The programme typically comprises:

  • Dinner
  • Sharing Session
  • Networking


StartupJohor MasterClass is a series of specially curated, “no-BS” workshops partnering with qualified speakers, trainers & mentors in the industry who are also practitioners. These masterclasses offer valuable knowledge and skillsets to members of the startup community.


The StartupJohor MasterClass series include content such as:

– Design Thinking & Customer Validation

– Business Model & Financial Modelling

– Fund Raising & Pitching

– Brand & Digital Marketing

– Growth Hacking & Rapid Prototyping

Our Partners

南馬最大 設施完善 依斯干達推介共享空間

(依斯干達公主城4日訊)依斯干達投資有限公司(IIB)推介南馬區最大的共享空間“依斯干達共享空間”(Iskandar Space),除了提供完善的硬體設施,同時也包含培訓、資訊分享等軟體資源,期待在5年裡為本區培養100個新興企業家。

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