To further promote StartupJohor’s vision and promote the science and entrepreneurial ecology of Iskandar, Malaysia, StartupJohor launched StartupJohor Academy to provide courses and training in multiple shared office spaces in Iskandar, Malaysia. This memorandum aims to provide all units with guidelines for planning, implementation and development in order to nurture the professional and scientific talents that are needed in the market.

Mark Yong, Cofounder & CEO of Garuda Robotics, Dr. Lau Cher Han, Founder of LEAD and Feng Lim,  Community Director of StartupJohor at the launch of StartupJohor Academy and the RM5 million LEAD fund.

“StartupJohor will work closely with leading companies and partners in various fields to provide scholars with high-quality learning content. They will use learning methods that are different from the general classroom learning model and integrate real business research cases. Learning mode to do learning”, StartupJohor Community Director, Feng Lim said in a statement. He also added that these courses will focus on the people of Johor and become their support for future careers and entrepreneurship. They will also provide courses on program editing, big data analysis, commercial drone operation and blockchain technology, and also in order to attract local talents to retreat and control the problem of brain drain.

The StartupJohor Academy promotion ceremony and the signing of the cooperation memorandum of understanding were led by Mark Yong, co-founder and chief executive officer of Garuda Robotics Pte Ltd,  and Dr.  Lau Cher Han, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LEAD. They stated that this cooperation will introduce high-quality educational content from all over the world, bridging the skills needed in the market and the skills of students.

During the training session at Garuda robotic Academy

“Technology is exactly the same everywhere in the world, and it is precisely for this reason that we want to bring it to Johor. After years of experience, guidance and investment in startup companies, we have no lack of creativity. Often these excellent ideas don not come into fruition because of technical gap, and that gap is not that big.”

Professional Multirotor Pilot Course by Garuda Robotics Academy

Dr. Lau and his team, LEAD, introduced high-quality science and technology education courses in the United States, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore to Malaysia, provided training courses in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo, and worked with universities and science organizations such as MaGIC, SITEC and ACAT. Interested scholars can enroll in the one-day course that LEAD debuted in May of this year. The courses include JavaScript, Data Science Data Analysis Science, and Node.js.

With the popularity of commercial drones, Garuda Academy aims to provide professional skills and knowledge for budding drone engineers to help them in the operations of drawing, inspection and inspection of commercial drones, especially for agriculture/planting. Market technology and drone use.

The Garuda Academy will offer three different courses. The first class will provide professional multi-rotor drone pilot courses and hands-on experience for completely inexperienced beginners. The second type of course is a commercial drone inspection course that teaches students safety-oriented operations and aerial inspections. The third course is the aptitude mapping and drafting course for aeronautical drones. Students will learn how to deploy drones in a real agricultural environment and use their theory and methodology to generate geospatial data and agriculturally available cases.

Professional Multirotor Pilot Course by Garuda Robotics Academy

The Garuda Academy provides professionals with a training framework that includes strict regulations for navigation, safety regulations, data accuracy, and rapid changes in drone technology to help them master drone operations. This schedule will be taught by our pilots, who will share their experience in servicing companies and government agencies, including practical teaching and coaching sessions.

View of Legoland from Iskandar Space

“As the first organization authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to license drone operators, we are deeply honored for our professional competence and our customers’ trust in us. Our pilot instructors provide professional unmanned people in Southeast Asia. Machine service, all coaches have a drone operator license issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, said Mark Yong.

“The drone’s aerial perspective has not only changed our data collection and analysis methods, but also created new job opportunities in various areas such as engineering, aeronautics and geography” said Jiin Joo Ong, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Garuda Robotics.

On the day of the ceremony, LEAD Academy also announced the establishment of a RM5 million Science and Technology Education Fund to nurture and retain talents to promote the eco-development of science and innovation in Johor.

Driving the next generation of tech entrepreneurs in Iskandar Malaysia, Mark Yong, Co-founder & CEO of Garuda Robotics, Dr. Lau Cher Han, Founder of LEAD and Feng Lim, Community Director of StartupJohor. 

“This will be the first step toward creating a co-founder and mutual inclusive ecology. We need to give back to the community, but this is not limited to money and education. It also includes resources needed by other start-up companies, such as industry. “ Dr. Lau said that he believes that each generation of entrepreneurs should nurture their next generation. This is to create a healthy, sustainable development of science and innovation.

The key pillars of this fund, also known as ABCDs, include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Full Stack Development. These areas are consistent with the vision of the state government, which aims to make Iskandar in Malaysia a world-famous smart city.

Dr. Lau Cher Han, the Founder of LEAD

According to Dr. Lau, they will set up an evaluation committee to assess whether the applicants meet the eligibility criteria in a results-driven manner and to allocate funds and monitor their compliance with the relevant terms and conditions to ensure that they can meet the needs of the local and international markets. This fund will provide eligible applicants with training camps, training, certifications, scholarships, bursaries, grants and any related funding. Interested scholars can send personal information to [email protected] for funding.

The StartupJohor Academy’s many courses, including professional web development training and agricultural drone mapping and drafting courses, will start running later this month. For more information about the courses, please visit www.startupjohor.org/academy.

Original article by JohorNow