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Taking the learning & feedback about the pressing issues over the past 4 years of community & ecosystem buidling, StartupJohor Academy is launched with the goal to cultivate talents & provided consistent trained, high qualifed human resouced pool to the tech & startup ecoststem of the southern region of Malaysia. Working together with the top content & traning providers in the region, who’ve successfully trained & certified  >1000 talents across Malaysia & Singapore, StartupJohor Academy is a curated learning platform for working professionals to upskill & learn professional skills, immediately needed in the  current fast moving economy. Along side with the launch of the academy, our partner, LEAD had also committed to a RM5 million tech educational funds to hep cultivate the tech talent ecosystem development in Johor.

+10% learning & skill improvement  > 30% increase in earnings capabilities

At StartupJohor Academy we design programmes that transform learners into employees by using well developed processes for sourcing, screening, assessment and training that transform the people with the right behavioural qualities and potential into the right employees.

We seek to improve the quality of life by providing them access to skills, knowledge and opportunities for sustained employment. We recognise that this can be achieved by a combination of providing skills to learners and a long term continuous engagement with both learners and employers.

“The Only Way To Win, Is To Learn Faster Than Anyone Else.” – Eric Ries

Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup

MEAN Stack Beginner Workshop | LEAD

A decent startup product is built with good front-end, back-end and database. Gone are the days of coding in HTML, CSS, PHP and FTP upload. Now full stack developers are essential to startup & tech companies.

  • Current Sign Up (Only 25 seats available) 15%

Drone Mapping for Agriculture | Garuda Academy

Whether you’re a smallholder managing 5Ha, a GIS professional managing 5000Ha forests, or an experienced drone operator looking to deliver mapping services, this 5-day course will prepare you to capture, process and analyze drone maps.

  • Current Sign Up (Only 6 seats available) 16.6%

Only The Most Qualified Expert, Conducting Highest Quality Training

Curating & hand-picking the best in class experts & industrial practitioners to design & conduct the courses with 300% effort to ensure every students get the most value out of the program. This is our vow to all the community members. Reputation at stakes, we are serious about this.

Here’s some of our featured instuctor at StartupJohor Academy

Dr Lau Cher Han

Dr Lau Cher Han

Master Trainer, LEAD

Big Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer

Quan Hao Yu

Quan Hao Yu

Senior Instructor, LEAD

Javascript & MEAN stack expert, Social Entrepreneur

Kelvin Lai

Kelvin Lai

UAV Instructor Pilot, Garuda Robotics

CAAS-licensed UAV pilot 

Rex Tan

Rex Tan

Geospatial Application Analyst, Garuda Robotics

Geospatial and mapping expert

 Our Approach

StartupJohor Academy is a highly selective program where we train the most demanded professional profiles by technology companies and startups. The program offers a practical and concrete vision of a startup community.StartupJohor Academy is also configured as the reference school for professionals who want to work and develop in technology companies in the digital area.This training initiative stems from the experience and problems encountered by its partners when it comes to training professionals with specific attitudes and knowledge for new jobs in the digital sector. StartupJohor Academy is a catalyst for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and startups, being the first training course designed by investors, entrepreneurs and professionals in the digital area.

 Our Story / Vision / Mission / Promise

StartupJohor Academy started to ensure and promote world class skill development courses and programs in the community we serve, thus enabling the human capital to achieve inclusive growth by simultaneously contributing and reaping the benefit of the socio-economic development of the nation. Our mission is offering innovative services for the development of skills at highest level of excellence while being affordable. We value having the opportunity to work with successful people to help them create a better business and a better life!

” This isn’t game changing, it’s about a group of like-minded people, working towards a common goal, here in Johor. This academy will be the key driver for producing startup-ready talents & high quality upskilling platform for working professional & entrepreneurs.”

Lim Feng

Community Director, StartupJohor

Money Back Gaurantee : Din’t learn anything? Get 99.9% refund.

IIf you felt that you’ve wasted your time during our training, not being able to learn anything. Talk to us so that you don’t have to waste your money as well. Even if you just had a bad day with your girl friend, and felt that you din’t learn anything from our course, do not hesitate to hit us up, we’ll be glad to assist your request. However, we’ll just keep RM1.00 from your course fee, as a sign of friendship. Okay?

First 5 Person, Get Additional 5% Discount

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