Learn Drone Mapping for Agriculture





Deploy Drones for Data Capture

Participants will receive hands-on guidance and training on pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight operating procedures for drone deployment in an actual agricultural environment.

Process & Analyse Geospatial Outputs

Participants will learn the theory and methodologies on how to generate geospatial outputs and the possible applications in farming operations.

Implement Effective Farm Management

Participants will gain thorough understanding on drone deployment workflow and have full control in using aerial robotics and data analytics for effective farm management.


Drone aerial mapping is a real game changer for anyone managing land. In addition to a variety of processing outputs, the ability to survey large areas of land rapidly is paramount in agriculture.


This 5-day course is designed to equip farmers, drone operators and GIS experts with the essential know-how and practical experience on drone mapping projects specific to the agriculture sector.

The course curriculum is formulated based on insights accumulated over years by Garuda Robotics operations team in mapping agricultural lands. Working closely with farmers on the ground, we had accustomed the operating procedures based on actual agricultural environments.

Professional Data Capture, Processing & Analysis

The participants will undergo both theory and hands-on sessions throughout the entire deployment workflow from flying drones and capturing data, to processing and analysing outputs so as to ensure full comprehension of operating procedures as well as to avoid common mistakes made by beginners.

Smart Farming with Drones & Data

The course participants will be exposed to various geospatial outputs relevant to crop-growers such as orthomosaic maps, NDVI maps, contour maps, etc. and the insights farmers could derive from them to better their farming operations by leveraging on aerial robotics (i.e. drones).

Lead Instructor

Kelvin Lai

Kelvin Lai

UAV Instructor Pilot, Garuda Robotics

Kelvin leads multiple field operations as a CAAS-licensed UAV pilot and has logged hundreds of simulator and flying hours operating industrial-grade UAVs. With a prior background in studio and outdoor photography, he is one of the lead instructors at Garuda Robotics Academy and has extensive experience training industry professionals from various sectors including construction, land-surveying, media production, government agencies etc.
Rex Tan

Rex Tan

Geospatial Application Analyst, Garuda Robotics

With hundreds of post-processing projects of aerial data under his belt, Rex possesses deep expertise in the area of geospatial processing and analysis. In addition to generating various maps and models, he provides consultation to customers on drone mapping and GIS-related subjects.

Course Schedule


Phase 1: Basic Airmanship
Morning Session Afternoon Session
Day 1 UAV Aerodynamics & Meteorology
UAV Technology
Simulator Flying
Outdoor Flying Exercises
Day 2 UAV Regulatory Guidelines
UAV Maintenance & Documentation
Flight Modes & Functions
Outdoor Flying Exercises
Day 3 Flight Planning & Considerations
Risk Assessment & Emergency Handling
Writing Operating Procedures
Outdoor Flying Exercises


Phase 2: Data Processing & Analysis
Morning Session Afternoon Session
Day 4 Introduction to Precision Agriculture
NDVI Theory & Camera Specifications
Output Processing Workflow
Onsite Data Capture
Day 5 Processing Software Onboarding
Data Sanity Check & Geotagging
Data Processing Exercises
Geospatial Output Analysis

Included: Lunch, refreshments and transport to/from outdoor training venues.


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Normal Admission - RM11,995.00

Original  Price ( SGD4,000.00 )

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