MEAN Stack Beginner Workshop

Introduction to Full Stack Development in Javascript

AngularJS | NodeJS | MongoDB

2nd June 2018 , SATURDAY| 9am – 5pm | Iskandar Space, Afiniti Medini

Workshop Description

A decent startup product is built with good front-end, back-end and database. Gone are the days of coding in HTML, CSS, PHP and FTP upload. Now full stack developers are essential to startup & tech companies.

JavaScript is the No 1 Web language (Github, Stack Overflow).
From its humble beginning in 1995to improve the interaction of a website, Javascript (NodeJS) is now widely used to develop scalable and lightweight backend web applications. Many startups & Unicorns are powered by NodeJS – Netflix, Paypal, Medium etc. Using one language for both front end & back end, the learning curve & coding experience is smooth.

This workshop is designed to help people who are interested in full stack/Mean Stack to learn about developing web applications in JavaScript. 

Learning Goals

  1. Give good overview of full stack development
  2. Understand MEAN stack and NodeJS ecosystem
  3. Let participants explore JavaScript backend development

What is Full Stack Development

Learning Structure

  1. 50% theory: Dr. Lau will walk through the concepts and key components in full stack development
  2. 50% practical: Hands-on exercise to setup and write a JavaScript application.

Workshop Agenda

9.00am What is Full Stack Development
Javascript Refresher
Build Your First Javascript Web Application
Introduction to MEAN Stack

  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
5.00pm Q&A Discussion with lead instructor

Included : Lunch, Coffee & Tea

Who Should Attend

  1. Developers: Existing developers from other languages who are interested in MEAN Stack/JS Full Stack
  2. Tech Managers: Product manager, CTO of startup.
  3. Full Stack Learners: Anyone who wants to begin their career as a Full Stack Developer


  • Has basic understanding of Javascript & web development
    (beginners new to JS could get the foundation from Codecademy which requires 10 hours of study)
  • Please bring your laptop for the practical exercises.

Lead Instructor

Dr Lau Cher Han

Dr Lau Cher Han

Master Trainer, LEAD

A data scientist and full-stack developer with over 15 years of experience in teaching and consultancy in software development, database technologies, data mining & analytics.

Dr. Lau has also developed multiple machine learning solutions, used by Australian media companies and lead a research team at Microsoft e-Research of Queensland.

A graduate of Queensland University of Technology with a PhD in Information Technology, Master of Information Technology by Research, and a Bachelor of Information Technology, his mission is to help individuals become tech-ready in this technological world we live in.

Fun Fact: 
Dr.Lau is a world champion of Microsoft Excel, in a competition where Microsoft Excel functions were used to create solutions for real world data problems.

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Twin Admission - RM887.00

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