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Iskandar Space Opens its Doors for New Age Entrepreneurs

Iskandar Puteri will never be the same with the recent opening of Iskandar Space, a new co-working initiative aimed to be a catalyst of development for local startups and SMEs within Iskandar Malaysia. Launched by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), this is a new initiative encouraging a multidisciplinary co-working community within this region.

南馬最大 設施完善 依斯干達推介共享空間

(依斯干達公主城4日訊)依斯干達投資有限公司(IIB)推介南馬區最大的共享空間“依斯干達共享空間”(Iskandar Space),除了提供完善的硬體設施,同時也包含培訓、資訊分享等軟體資源,期待在5年裡為本區培養100個新興企業家。

79 Tech Ecosystem Builders in Asia that you should know – Tech Idols Awards 2017

There’s some individuals who have made huge difference in the tech industry – without these influencers, Asia’s startup ecosystem wouldn’t be what it is today. Some are co-founders, others coworking space owners. Still others are community builders, ecosystem builders, angels, seed investors, VCs, CVCs or media. Plenty of these individuals may even hold multiple roles at once – but what unites them is that they’ve all profoundly played a role in driving the ecosystem forward.